Saleh Mirhashemi

Iranian Athletes On the Verge of Execution

“Right now, as I’m speaking to you, Saleh Mirhashemi along with other accused may be executed at any moment. He is innocent. To me, this much indifference on the part of the World Karate Federation and the Iranian coaches and referees in Europe and America towards the imminent execution of Saleh Mirhashemi is extremely heartbreaking. Fariba Madani is a senior member of the Referee Commission in WKF. We expected her to react to the execution of Mohammad Mehdi Karami and this is while she has so far kept silent about the possible execution of Saleh Mirhashemi.” These are part of the statements to sprortsemic made by Majid Fallah, Iran’s former kickboxing captain and a founding member of the Association of Iranian Athletes for Freedom.

The Association of Iranian Athletes for Freedom (AIAF), was established with the presence of a significant number of renowned Iranian athletes and coaches outside of Iran.

According to Majid, this association aims to claim the lost human dignity of Iranian athletes who are also facing all kinds of discrimination. The former kickboxing captain emphasizes that the IOC and IFs must pay serious attention to the systematic violation of the Olympic Charter by the National Olympic and Paralympic committees of the Islamic Republic.

He also condemns torture and forced confessions of Iranian athletes in the Islamic Republic’s prisons while finding the compromising conduct of the International Olympic Committee towards the sports managers of the Islamic Republic contradictory to the principles of the Olympic Charter. As Majid stated, sports managers are executors of the Islamic regime’s ideologie and take part in the imposition of anti-Israeli policies, gender segregation and compulsory hijab.

He also refered to the presence of Kaveh Mehrabi as the head of the Athlete365, a disaster. Kaveh Mehrabi, the Iranian badminton player had previously refused to compete against his Israeli counterpart, Misha Zilberman.

SportsEmic editorial team – Sweden